Ports to Open in Firewall

To open the required ports, the SkyBell will need to be assigned a static IP address.

You can accomplish this by following these instructions:

1. Get the SkyBell's MAC address under the “Device Information” tab in settings.

2. Check the router’s client list to find the SkyBell’s IP address by matchingit with the MAC address.

3. Create a static IP address tied to the MAC address of the SkyBell.

4. Port forward the above ports for the static IP/MAC address for the SkyBell.

Please try opening the following ports in your router:

  • 5683-5684 UDP
  • 5004-5010 UDP
  • 16384 - 32767 UDP
  • 443 UDP,TCP
  • 123 UDP (NTP)
  • 53 TCP,UDP (DNS)