Is my SkyBell a good security system?

The SkyBell video doorbell is designed to help you enjoy a higher level of safety, awareness and monitoring at your front door. Our goal is to put control back in your hands. SkyBell is very effective in helping you see who is at your door and to better control the situation. We have helped numerous customers prevent break-ins when they weren’t even home.

On it’s own, SkyBell is a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) home safety solution. Unlike a traditional security system, SkyBell cannot notify the police when someone breaks into your home – at this time. Nor does it act as a full-coverage solution. We do not install sensors at all your doors and windows. We do not offer 24/7 monitoring services.

It is worth noting that SkyBell has partnered with some of the best names in home security. SkyBell has recently announced partnerships with, Honeywell and Monitronics. By working together, customers can enjoy more monitoring and control at the front door while enjoying all the benefits of a professionally monitored home security solution that includes window sensors, door sensors, control panels, indoor cameras and the ability to inform the police should someone break into your home.

We are thrilled that thousands of homeowners and customers feel safer with their SkyBell at the front door. They email us all the time to let us know that they don’t need to “army crawl” to their front window to see who’s at the door or that they “don’t feel scared” anymore when the doorbell rings. They feel free to travel and leave the house knowing that SkyBell can alert them when someone is at their door while they’re away. SkyBell is helping customers say “why not” to life and the things they want to do – not “what if.” We’re proud of that.