How to Integrate SkyBell with Google Assistant

You can now integrate your SkyBell with your Google Assistant 

Please follow these steps:

1. Download the Google Assistant or Google Home app on iOS or Android

2. Sign in to the Google Assistant or Google Home app using a valid Gmail account

3. Press the microphone and Say "Hey Google" or type into the Google Assistant app “Talk to SkyBell”

4. You will be prompted to “Link SkyBell to Google.” Select the action item and login to your existing SkyBell account

5. After you have successfully linked your SkyBell account, you can say a command to get started.

- Say “Talk to SkyBell”

- After it asks, “Which action would you like to perform?” you can give it a command such as “take a video” or “take a snapshot”

- Choose the SkyBell device you wish to execute the command

- Google Assistant will now say “(Video or Snapshot) will start now. The recording should be available shortly.”

- Recorded video can be found within the SkyBell app. To view the snapshot, check the photo gallery on your phone.

How do I set up my SkyBell with Echo?

Amazon Echo Integration

The SkyBell Amazon Echo integration allows a user with a SkyBell HD and an Amazon Echo to perform basic interactions via voice control using an Amazon Alexa Skill. A user is able to turn the Indoor or Outside Quiet Modes on or off, take a snapshot or record a video. If the user has multiple SkyBell devices, Alexa will prompt the user for device selection.

Set up

First, independently setup your SkyBell HD device and your Amazon Echo device.

Open the Echo App, go to "Skills" tab on the left column, search "Skybell". 

Touch "Enable" on the right side.

Authentication is achieved through the Amazon Alexa App, which will prompt you to link your SkyBell account. You will then be forwarded to the SkyBell OAuth server, where you will need to enter your previously created SkyBell Username and Password.

User Flow, Interaction & User Stories Supported

Through Alexa you are able to:
• Turn Quiet Mode On
• Turn Quiet Mode Off
• Take a Snapshot
• Record a Video

1 As a SkyBell HD and Echo user, I want to command SkyBell HD to enter quiet mode, "Alexa, tell SkyBell to turn on quiet mode".
2 Echo's response should be "Your SkyBell is now in quiet mode".
3 As a SkyBell HD and Echo user, I want to command SkyBell HD to exit quiet mode by saying, "Alexa, tell SkyBell to turn off quiet mode".
4 Echo's response should be "Your SkyBell's quiet mode has been turned off"
5 As a SkyBell HD and Amazon Echo user, I want to be able to associate my SkyBell HD account with my Amazon Echo account, so that I can enable integration at an account level.
6 As a SkyBell HD and Amazon Echo user, I want the ability to specify which SkyBell HD device my Amazon Echo will act on.

Multiple Devices

By default, if you only have 1 device, Alexa will interact directly with it without further direction. However, if Alexa determines that you have more than 1 device, Alexa will prompt for which device to interact with, by Device Number (e.g. 1 for front door, 2 for back door, etc).

Are there APIs or IP addresses for integration with apps, other devices or desktop clients?

Not at this time, yet we are considering all these options.

Can I unlock my door?

At this time, SkyBell cannot unlock your door unless you have a smart lock and the smart lock is on the same platform as SkyBell, and the unlock commands exist.

Will there be a Windows Mobile App?

Not at this time. We are considering development for Windows Mobile platform in the future. Please check back with us for updates.

Will there be a desktop version?

We are considering a desktop version and do not have a release date for desktop clients.