What is the SkyBell HD Video/Camera Output and Performance?

  • The SkyBell HD Camera is a 1080p camera that broadcasts in 720p with ten (10) feet of full picture clarity. The 1080p camera maximizes the output for the 720p stream, so the picture quality is better than a 720p camera broadcasting at 720p. It broadcasts at 720p to reduce bandwidth and ensure stability.
  • It also has a full 180 degree viewing angle, allowing a viewing angle that is almost parallel to the device!  A wedge kit adds 15 degrees of angle.
  • The SkyBell HD also has a brilliant Full HD Color Night Vision.  This means that even in pitch black conditions, the video will remain in full color, and as bright as day!
  • The Frames Per Second, or FPS, of the SkyBell HD's video is 30 Frames.  This means that every second of video, there are 30 frames of video being transmitted in HD.  The better your Wi-Fi connection, the better the maximum FPS will be. 

What is the operating temperature range?

SkyBell is the only Wi-Fi video doorbell that can operate below 0 degrees. The device operates from -40 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit (-40 to 65 degrees Celsius). This is due to the fact that there is no removable battery, SkyBell’s superior build quality and being Made in the USA. SkyBell HD operating temperature: -40 degrees F to 140 degrees F (-40c to 60c).

How can I tell if the Wi-Fi signal is strong enough at my front door?

Your SkyBell requires a minimum Wi-Fi strength of 1.5 mbps upload and 1.5 mbps download to function optimally. You can test the Wi-Fi signal at your door by following the steps on this page: Speed test instructions. Make sure the door to your home is closed when your run the test.

How strong is the WiFi signal and how can I test it?

The actual range will depend on the strength of your router and the walls/materials of your home. In almost all cases, SkyBell will require 1.5 mbps upload speed. Please note that your connection upload speed needs to be fast enough to upload video from SkyBell.

Click the link to see how to do a Speed Test.

Which Wi-Fi formats is SkyBell compatible?

SkyBell is designed to work best with B, G and N wireless network formats. SkyBell only works with the 2.4 ghz band. If you have a dual-band router, you must segregate the 2.4ghz band and create a unique SSID for the 2.4 ghz network.

If you have an “n-only” router, you must switch the setting so that the router is set to b/g/n.

How can I check my power voltage?

You can use a standard volt meter to check the voltage coming from the wires at your front door. The voltage should measure between 10-36 VAC 10 VA. If your voltage is less than 12VAC, we recommend you change your home’s transformer. Click to see a list of approved transformers.

What are the power and voltage details?

Voltage 120/1130v AC, or 220/230/240v AC Transformer Range: 8-36v AC, 8-15 VA Low Voltage Transformer(UK/Europe) 8-36v AC, 1 AMP 8-15 VA.

Is there a backup battery?

There is an internal battery that serves to regulate power and provide consistent power for SkyBell’s advanced features. SkyBell HD has a built in battery used for power regulation.

Is my SkyBell water proof?

Yes. SkyBell is designed to work in harsh environments including heat, rain, snow and humidity. The device is sealed with special coating to keep it safe from the elements.

What is the camera’s field of view, resolution and frames per second?

SkyBell’s camera covers 120-130 degrees field of view.

The video resolution is 640×480.

The frames per second (fps) will depend on your connection speeds. SkyBell is designed to automatically scale the fps to better prevent a dropped connections.

SkyBell HD Specs: Camera: 1080p HD Video: H264 x 30FPS HD 180 degree field of view Full color night vision up to 15ft.