Does SkyBell work with a wireless doorbell?

No. SkyBell only works with mechanical and digital doorbell chimes. SkyBell does not work with wireless doorbells, intercom systems or integrated video systems.

Does SkyBell work without internet?

No. SkyBell requires full time access to the internet and will not work without it. SkyBell connects to your home’s wireless networks (2.4 ghz only) and is compatible with B/G/N wireless networks.

Can I remove the device after installation?


Can I use 2 or more SkyBell’s on my house?

Yes, you can have multiple SkyBell devices on the same account. You can have multiple SkyBells on the same house, on the same WiFi network and in the same account. You can name each device as you please. For example, you could name a device “front door” and the other “back door.”

Also, you can have multiple devices on different houses or locations. For example, you could have “My Home” and “Grandma’s House”.

What happens if I get a new Wi-Fi Router?

After you’ve plugged in your new WiFi Router, open the SkyBell App and go to the device settings for your SkyBell. You’ll need to delete your existing device and restart the Wi-Fi syncing process with the new router.

If I move, can I take my SkyBell with me?

Yes, SkyBell is designed to be both secure and movable. Your SkyBell device is linked to your SkyBell account. If you move, SkyBell can move with you.

If my mobile devices run out of battery, will my regular doorbell still work?

Yes. Your home’s doorbell sound will operate normally (only compatible with a wired doorbell chime).

What happens if my Wi-Fi stops working?

In the event you lose WiFi connectivity, your home’s doorbell chime will still work if you have a wired, analog doorbell.

How will I know if I synced my SkyBell properly?

Your SkyBell is designed to be self-diagnostic. Once the SkyBell is installed, the doorbell button should turn green to indicate a successful connection with your WiFi Router. If the doorbell button turns red, it means that SkyBell was unable to connect with your Wi-Fi network. Relaunch the App and go to device settings to reconnect to your Wi-Fi network. Once you successfully sync once, you do not need to re-sync or delete your SkyBell for any reason.

What happens if I get a new smartphone or tablet?

If you get a new mobile device, just download our app and log into to your account using your username (which is your email address) and your password.