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SkyBell Announces Two New Products at CEDIA Expo

We’re excited to announce the expansion of our line of connected doorbells and accessories with the addition of two new SkyBell products  - on display at the CEDIA Expo in Dallas, Texas.

The SkyBell Trim Plus

The trickiest part of providing a video doorbell is ensuring it will work on every home. That’s why we’re excited to announce the SkyBell Trim Plus. It’s an HD video doorbell that is only 1.39” wide – allowing it to fit perfectly on even the slimmest of door trims and door frames.

In addition, the Trim Plus will also have a battery option, allowing it to work on homes that don’t have powered doorbell wires at the front door.

The SkyBell Trim Plus ensures that any customer can find a SkyBell Video Doorbell that works for them – helping us reach more homes and make more communities safer.

Equipped with a 1080p HD video camera and full-color night vision, SkyBell Trim is a thinner, rectangular shaped version of the SkyBell HD – which was named “Best Video Doorbell” by CNET and Wirecutter. It’s built on the SkyBell Connect API platform, allowing the Trim version to work seamlessly with our partners – just like a SkyBell HD.

SkyBell's Chime

An accessory to the SkyBell HD and Trim Plus, the SkyBell chime is a small-connected device that plays a melody through its built-in speaker whenever someone presses a SkyBell doorbell. The SkyBell chime is compatible with the SkyBell Trim Plus while on battery power, or the SkyBell HD or Trim Plus while wired.

In addition to its function as a doorbell sound, the SkyBell chime has Wi-Fi and BLE radio connectivity for communicating with other smart home devices. SkyBell’s chime features a customizable LED light setting that causes the device to change colors when someone is at the front door, alerting the hearing-impaired or customers who have opted to utilize the “silent mode” setting for notifications.

SkyBell Connect

The SkyBell Trim Plus and SkyBell chime will both be built on the segment leading API platform, SkyBell Connect. SkyBell Connect provides partners and 3rd party products with the ability to integrate with SkyBell products. SkyBell Connect is unique in that it provides partners with bi-directional APIs so they can receive triggers from a SkyBell and send commands to a SkyBell.

On Display at CEDIA

The SkyBell team will be exhibiting the SkyBell HD, SkyBell Trim Plus and the chime at CEDIA in booth #7301 in the main Exhibit Hall on Thursday, September 15 - Saturday, September 17. SkyBell HD will also be exhibited in partner booths throughout the main hall, including the Nest booth.

Pricing and Availability

SkyBell Trim Plus and the chime will be available in the second half of Q4 2016. Pricing information will be announced in the near future.