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SkyBell HD Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

The eyes to the smart home™

Answer your door with a smartphone

SkyBell is a smart video doorbell that allows you to see, hear, and speak to the visitor at your door whether you’re at home, at work, or on the go.

Go anywhere do anything™

Home Security Made Easy! Always know who’s at your door with the SkyBell HD Wi-Fi Video Doorbell. Award-winning design providing full-featured performance, designed to replace most wall mounted doorbells. It's weatherproof and tamper-resistant.

The SkyBell video doorbell is truly the eyes to the smart home™, providing superior protection you can trust to keep your home safe. SkyBell can deter intruders from breaking into your home! It's so effective, police departments often receive photos and video from the SkyBell Village™ network that can be used to catch criminals.

Shine™ a light on front-door security!

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Product Design

Technical Specifications

Dimensions2.8" x 2.8" x 0.9"
Weight1.9 oz
Weather ProofIPX4
Network ConnectivityWi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n
Data Transfer SpeedSuperSpeed 2 x (150MHz)
Operating System CompatibilityAndroid 4.4 or later and iOS 8.1 or later
Remote Monitoring CapabilitiesYes - via mobile apps (Android and iOS)
Camera/Device ConnectivityWired
Color DisplayYes - smartphone dependent
Motion SensorPIR detection 180◦, up to 15ft
Accessories IncludedWall Mount and Pro-Pack Screw Kit
Field of View180◦
Resolution/HD Video1080p/720p
Image Sensor TypeCMOS
Night VisionYes - color
Night Vision Distance15 feet
2-way AudioYes
ZoomYes, 5 x software zoom

Motion Sensor

  • The motion sensor on the SkyBell HD contains a Fresnel lens. This is a flat lens made of a number of concentric rings, to reduce spherical aberration. Spherical aberration is a loss of definition in the image arising from the surface geometry of a spherical mirror or lens. This enhances the accuracy of motion detection, which will improve your overall SkyBell experience.
  • The SkyBell device uses a PIR sensor (passive infrared sensor), which is an electronic sensor that measures infrared light radiating in the field of view; think flood lights or motion detectors for your alarm system.
  • When the PIR sensor senses activity (meets a certain threshold) and is activated, it immediately turns the camera on and starts to record directly to the device. This activation triggers an initial motion event. The SkyBell continues monitoring this activity energy from the PIR sensor and when meeting a more stringent threshold, it sends a notification to the phone. If the notification is answered, the SkyBell records for as long as the activity is detected. If the notification is not answered, the SkyBell records for 30 seconds in addition to the initial motion event, approximately 35-40 seconds.
  • Once the recording is complete, the device sends the video to the SkyBell cloud servers, where it can be accessed almost immediately and is kept for seven (7) days.

Cloud Recording

  • Available with all SkyBell devices.
  • Choosing a SkyBell Device from the Devices List takes the user to the “Activity Page” and allows them to access the videos.
  • There are no subscription fees.
  • Recordings can be “downloaded” to the user’s iOS or Android device.
  • Recordings are saved for seven (7) days and will be automatically deleted starting with the oldest.
  • All recordings are saved to the SkyBell Cloud Server and pushed to the user’s account.
  • Recordings are activated when: motion is detected; the doorbell is pressed; or the user initiates a “watch live” on-demand call.
  • The SkyBell records for 30 seconds plus the addition of the initial motion event, approximately 35-40 seconds.
  • Recording include audio and video.


SkyBell HD Wedge Mount

The SkyBell HD Wedge Mount adjusts the mounting angle of your SkyBell HD device by approximately 15° (15 degrees) in any direction (as the wedge mount can be rotated). It is compatible with the provided SkyBell HD Wall Mount. Dimensions: 3" x 3" x 0.65" (W x H x D). More details...

SkyBell Digital Doorbell Adapter

This adapter functions as a power regulator making a digital door chime compatible with the SkyBell HD and SkyBell Trim Plus devices. The adapter installation is very simple, taking only a few minutes to complete. Installation instructions are provided on the installation card, enclosed with the adapter. More details...

SkyBell Hardware Kit

The SkyBell Hardware Kit includes a masonry drill bit, Phillips screwdriver, wall screws (2) and screw anchors (2). This kit is included with your SkyBell device purchase and offered here as a replacement part. More details...

SkyBell HD Wall Mount

The SkyBell HD Wall Mount attaches the SkyBell HD device to the wall. It includes an additional set screw. Dimensions: 3" x 3" (W x H). This wall mount is included with your SkyBell HD device purchase and offered here as a replacement part. More details...