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SkyBell Patents

   Utility Patents:     7,429,924     7,477,134     8,193,919     8,780,201     8,823,795     8,842,180     8,872,915     8,937,659     8,941,736     8,947,530     8,953,040     9,013,575     9,049,352     9,053,622     9,055,202     9,058,738     9,060,103     9,060,104     9,065,987     9,094,584     9,109,378     9,113,051     9,113,052     9,118,819     9,142,214     9,160,987     9,165,444     9,172,920     9,172,921     9,172,922     9,179,107     9,179,108     9,179,109     9,196,133     9,197,867     9,230,424     9,237,318     9,247,219     9,253,455     9,342,936     9,508,239     9,736,284     9,743,049     9,769,435     9,786,133     9,799,183     9,888,216     9,933,270     9,997,036     10,043,332     10,044,519     10,062,251     10,204,467     10,218,932
   Design Patents:     D711,275     D727,769     D729,678     D736,294     D737,283     D740,873     D747,384     D747,385     D747,640     D747,732     D747,733     D747,755     D747,756     D748,178     D748,179     D748,180     D749,161     D759,702     D760,738     D762,688     D762,762     D764,958     D765,530     D766,121     D787,359     D813,700     D813,701     D817,207     D820,136     D824,791     D840,258     D840,460     D840,856     D840,857
   Licensed Patents (protecting our customers through licensed intellectual property):     7,193,644     7,583,191     8,139,098     8,144,183     8,144,184     8,154,581     8,164,614     9,414,030     9,432,638     9,485,478     9,516,284     9,554,090     9,635,323     9,648,290     9,706,178     9,866,802     9,924,141

Virtual Patent Marking

We are passionate about inventing revolutionary new technologies. As a pioneer in the industry, SkyBell owns intellectual property related to its current and future products.

We are fans of innovators in all fields, but you probably are not surprised to hear that we do not appreciate people infringing our intellectual property rights. We are committed to enforcing our intellectual property rights.

We may own more patents than are listed below. We keep some of our patents private to keep copiers on their toes. Please consult with a registered patent attorney to learn about the dangers of intellectual property infringement.

The purpose of the information listed below is to provide a simplified introduction to our patent portfolio, but the information below is not all inclusive. Read each patent carefully with the assistance of a registered patent attorney to assess the scope of each patent, including current claims and potential future claims.

SkyBell’s video doorbells are covered by one or more of the following United States patents or pending patents. SkyBell also owns extensive intellectual property outside the United States.

Total Patents


U.S. & International Patents Issued


Licensed Patents


Patents Pending

Patent Highlights

Utility Patents

CountryDescriptionPatent No.
U.S.Light socket cameras10,218,932
U.S.Smart lock systems and methods10,204,467
U.S.Doorbell battery systems10,062,251
U.S.Doorbell package detection10,044,519
U.S.Doorbell package detection10,043,332
U.S.Power outlet camera non-motion sensing9,997,036
U.S.Vehicle Tracking Systems and Methods9,933,270
U.S.Doorbell TCP/UDP communication9,888,216
U.S.Package sensing doorbell9,799,183
U.S.Chime sleep silencer9,786,133
U.S.Monitoring systems9,769,435
U.S.Doorbell on-demand system claims9,743,049
U.S.Digital doorbell jumper switch9,736,284
U.S.RFID package sensing doorbell9,508,239
U.S.Smart locks9,342,936
U.S.Weather monitoring9,253,455
U.S.Doorbell heating9,247,219
U.S.Temperature and humidity methods9,237,318
U.S.Neighborhood watch9,230,424
U.S.Doorbell solicitor alerts and social networks9,197,867
U.S.Customized downloadable doorbell sounds9,196,133
U.S.Doorbell on-demand video wake up9,179,109
U.S.Doorbell-based chime control9,179,108
U.S.Sending information from a doorbell to a smart chime9,179,107
U.S.Doorbell on-demand video with remote sensors9,172,922
U.S.Doorbell antenna in wall9,172,921
U.S.Electronic chime detection9,172,920
U.S.Light socket camera mirrors9,165,444
U.S.Chime communication hub9,160,987
U.S.Light socket camera voice commands9,142,214
U.S.Situational doorbell sounds9,118,819
U.S.Emergency alerts from central hub9,113,052
U.S.Power outlet camera mounting9,113,051
U.S.Smart locks9,109,378
U.S.Connecting two smart doorbell networks9,094,584
U.S.Providing electricity to chime9,065,987
U.S.Doorbell light filter9,060,104
U.S.Doorbell security and safety9,060,103
U.S.QR code configuration9,058,738
U.S.Doorbell dividing wall between sensors9,055,202
U.S.Light socket camera adverse sound notifications9,053,622
U.S.Pool monitor with grid sensor9,049,352
U.S.Doorbell self calibrating visitor detection9,013,575
U.S.Digital doorbell jumper apparatus8,953,040
U.S.Smart lock charging8,947,530
U.S.Doorbell grid sensor8,941,736
U.S.Digital doorbell jumper methods8,937,659
U.S.Doorbell connecting to network8,872,915
U.S.Doorbell draining to chime8,842,180
U.S.Doorbell blocking in response to a location8,823,795
U.S.Doorbell shipping mode8,780,201
U.S.Apparatuses and methods for driving a doorbell system peripheral load at a higher current8,193,919
U.S.Apparatuses and methods for driving a doorbell system peripheral load at a higher current7,477,134
U.S.Automatic doorbell driver7,429,924

Design Patents

CountryDescriptionPatent No.
U.S.Power outlet cameraD840,460
U.S.SkyBell ChimeD824,791
U.S.SkyBell mini updated design 1D820,136
U.S.SkyBell Trim Pro designD817,207
U.S.SkyBell Max designD813,701
U.S.SkyBell Trim designD813,700
U.S.SkyBell mini updated design 2D787,359
U.S.Updated SkyBell HD designD766,121
U.S.SkyBell mini designD765,530
U.S.SkyBell AT&T designD764,958
U.S.Tabletop dock designD762,762
U.S.Doorbell user interfaceD762,688
U.S.Mobile application design - standard viewD760,738
U.S.Mobile application design - landscape viewD759,702
U.S.Light socket cameraD749,161
U.S.SkyBell HD designD748,180
U.S.360 degree camera plus charging base designD748,179
U.S.360 degree camera designD748,178
U.S.Power outlet camera designD747,756
U.S.Power outlet camera designD747,755
U.S.SkyBell user interface designD747,733
U.S.SkyBell user interface designD747,732
U.S.Smart lock designD747,640
U.S.Cylindrical camera with u-shaped coverD747,385
U.S.Cylindrical camera with lower button designD747,384
U.S.Light socket camera designD740,873
U.S.SkyBell user interface designD737,283
U.S.General power outlet camera designD736,294
U.S.SkyBell 2.0 product designD729,678
U.S.Camera-focused doorbell designD727,769

Licensed Patents

CountryDescriptionPatent No.
U.S.Communication and Monitoring System9,924,141
U.S.Communication and Monitoring System9,866,802
U.S.Communication and monitoring system9,706,178
U.S.Communication and monitoring system9,648,290
U.S.Communication and monitoring system9,635,323
U.S.Communication and monitoring system9,554,090
U.S.Communication and monitoring system9,516,284
U.S.Communication and monitoring system9,485,478
U.S.Communication and monitoring system9,432,638
U.S.Communication and monitoring system9,414,030
U.S.Communication and monitoring system8,164,614
U.S.Audio-video communication system for receiving person at entrance8,154,581
U.S.Detection and viewing system8,144,184
U.S.Two-way audio-video communication method for receiving person at entrance8,144,183
U.S.Video communication method for receiving person at entrance8,139,098
U.S.Security system and method for use of same7,583,191
U.S.Automated audio video messaging and answering system7,193,644